What Is A Self Watering Planter?

Self-watering planters are a must when you want your plants to look great. Are they right for all plants? If you would like to know more about this innovative watering technique, carry on reading my mini guide to self watering planters.

Are Self-Watering Planters Right For All Plants?

Self-watering planters are the best watering aids for most plants. However, there are some plants that benefit from them more than others. Flowering plants that need a lot of water, benefit more than others from self-watering containers. If you love to grow geranium, begonias, and Busy Lizzies, you will know they crave water.

During the summer, it is hard to keep up with the water demand of flowering plants. To save time and make sure your plants stay healthy, investing in self-watering planters is one of the smartest things you can do.

Other plants that benefit from self-watering planters include:

* Indoor citrus fruits
* Large leafy green plants
* Ferns
* Indoor climbing plants
* Soft leaved herbs grown on a window seal

Can I Buy Self-Watering Planters For Outside Use?

Yes, you most certainly can. If you have a terrace packed with plants that need watering, you should invest in a variety of different sized planters. It is the best way to regulate the amount of water your plants get and cut down on the hassle factor.

Tall plants grown in containers need a lot of water on hot sunny days. Also, flowering deck plants including lobelias and chrysanthemums need more water than you may think. They are not going to survive on the water that comes out of the sky. The alternative could be watering them both in the morning and evening. A lot of hard work for any gardener!

Can I Grow Cacti In Self-Watering Planters?

You can do, but in that case, it is essential you pick the right containers. There are different kind of self-watering planters. Succulents and cacti don’t need as much water as other plants. It could be a good idea to make sure that your self-watering containers are fitted with a drip-drip system. That is normally the best way to control the amount of water your more water-shy plants need.

Growing Berries In Containers

Berries do need a generous amount of water to develop. If you live in the city and like to try growing berries, you do need to invest in self-watering containers. The same goes if you like to grow your own fruit and vegetables on a city terrace. All need a continuous supply of water to produce fruit, berries, and vegetables.

Good food producing plants for small spaces include:

* Strawberries
* Blueberries
* Raspberries
* Tomatoes
* Peppers
* Swiss chard
* Pot grown varieties of apples

Finally, don’t forget about accessories for self-watering planters. You will need good quality soil or compost. Also, you will need plant food. Plant food spikes are great and easy to use.

When you grow tall plants, you may also need to stake them. Buy stakes in different sizes before you start the growing process. In that way you will be ready when you see the first green leaves. That is my final advice when it comes to my mini guide to self watering planters.